Microwave Radiation Compliance Testing


Microwave Radiation Compliance Testing

Our PSA technicians are also Microwave Safety Systems Radiation Surveillance Officers.
Microwave Safety Systems is Australia’s only ISO 9001 Accredited Quantity Endorsed Specialist Microwave Radiation Testing organisation. A detailed 3 point safety analyses is undertaken on your microwave ovens which includes:

1. Radiation Leakage Testing –
Microwave leakage testing involves measurement of the radiation levels around the oven to ensure they are below the limits set by Australian Standards. Testing is undertaken using an advanced microwave survey meter calibrated by a NATA Accredited laboratory.

NOTE: Small leakage detectors used by a many Electricians and Test Tag companies should not be used as they cannot be calibrated and do not comply with Australian Standards.

2. Power Output Reading –
This test involves the testing of the wattage of the oven which can indicate the efficiency of the magnetron under normal circumstances.

3. Physical Damage Inspection –
The various components of the microwave oven is inspected for damage to ensure correct functioning and safety. A detailed physical condition report is provided.
If the microwave oven is leaking radiation above allowable limits, we will recommend that unit be repaired or replaced.

tag-sticker-2016A compliance sticker is place on each complaint microwave oven. A comprehensive and detailed report, along with comments and recommendations, is provided for your records.

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